About Us

Most success have humble beginning and so has been "Muktai Dairy Farm" On 7 th Feb. 2007 a spark storoned a fire to help the White Revolution revolt heavity. When on this day came into being the Muktai Dairy Farm with introduction of its popular brand is "Shivneri Milk" & its wide range of dairy products into the market.

This process shows the increasing progress & outstanding performance along with the Quality output in each expect which meets the satisfaction criteria of our customers.

By taking the norms into consideration, we focus more than the process and Hence we commit on health, wellness & betterment of our customers and market. We provide variety of standard & healthy food products to maintain their balanced life. Our employers continued their commitment and hard work to maintain the quality and brand. Only fresh & Pure ingredients are used for preparation of Dairy products.

Hard work, dedication and practicing through process as per the standards have led us to a fabulous growth in the marked. Our Dairy farm has crossed great length among customers to ensure that the products we sell are truly best in taste.