Muktai Milk

Milk is complete food. The most primary source of nutrition from babies to the elders milk contains Saturated Fat,Protein,Calcium & Vitamin C. For millennia Cow's milk has been processed into dairy products. Such as Cream,Butter,Yougurt,Lassi & especially the more durable & easily transportable product,Industrial science has brought us casein,protein,lactose,condenced milky many other food additives & industrial products.

India is Largest Produces & Consumers of Cattle's milk in the World. Pasteurised & Homogenised Milk.
Poly Pack 200ml,500ml,1000ml

Nutritional Information

 Fat  3.0% (minimum)
 SNF  8.5%(minimum)
 Per 100 ml  Approximate Value
 Energy  58 K cal
 Protein  3.0 g
 Fat  3.0 g
 Total carbohydrate  4.75 g

Shelf Life : 48 hours from the date of Packing if kept under refrigeration below 60 C. Product Application : Tea,Coffee,Sweets,khoa,Curd,Buttermilk,Ghee.