1. Milk producers: Shivery milk is associated with almost 30000 lit. milk produce in & around 'North Pane' & 'West Ahmadnagar'. Milk was collected from some Villages .

2. Societies: Muktai Dairy was collected from minimum 50 villages by the Vehicles. The vehicles were routed with 25 routs per day.

3. Cattlefeed: a) Animal Health b) Mass Deforming & Vaccination c) Farmer Orientation Programmed d) Artificial Insemination e) Calf rearing f) Infertility camp.

4. Milk Tester: Milk Tester is a device which electronically determines the fat by % rapidly in milk. Milk Tester is used at primary dairy level in village. The milk supplied by producer is tested before acceptance & payment is made on the basis of milk quality. This helps to good quality milk at primary dairy at union level. The transparent process results in strengthening faith of milk producer on village society.

Our dairy provides free of cost Chemicals for the Primary testing Fat Milko Tester, Hot air Oven, B.R. meter, Sodium meter.