Shivneri Dhai

It is a semi-soft,slightly sour,acid fermentation product of milk. It is made under strict hygienic condition and always maintains consistency in taste. Our Dahi is famous for a body texture,smoothness and taste i.e.aroma.It contains fat in range of 4-4.5% and its always stored at 0.40C.Curd means Dahi is made from Pasteurized Toned Milk.Dahi contains bacteria,which helps us to increase our immune system.

Poly Pack PPCup=200gm,100gm,500gm

Nutritional Information

 Per 100ml  Approximate Values
 Energy  58.0 K cal
 Fat  3.0 gm
 Protein  3.2 gm
 Carbohydrates  4.2 gm
 Calcium  110.0 mg
 Sugar  0.0 mg

Shelf Life = 15 Days when it is always stored at 0.40C

Product Application = Direct Consumption,Making for Lassi,Dahi Wada,Dahi Batata puri,Dahi rice ,Dahi Idli,Kadhi or also use in to marinate veg & non-veg Dishes.