Shivneri Ghee

Ghee is pure,classified fat derived from milk or from dessi butter or from cream to which no colouring matter is added. Ghee contains a minimum of 99.7% fat & not more than 0.3% moistures. Shivneri Ghee is made from pure cow milk i.e.cow milk without adulteration & easily digestable. The colour Ghee is Yellow due to the carotene pigment present in cow milk.

Shivneri Pure Ghee is famous for its taste and flavour and is made cow's milk maintaining its natural aroma & flavour. It is also, rich in natural vitamins & antioxidants available in Milk fat. It provides good health to you and your family.
Poly Pack Pouch =200ml,500ml,1Ltr Tin =15Ltr PetJar=200ml,500ml,1Ltr,5Ltr

Nutritional Information

 Fat  99.7% (minimum)
 Moisture  0.3% (minimum)
 Energy  897.o K cal
 Protein  3.0 g
 Fat  99.7 gm
 Saturated Fat  61 gm
 Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acid  26.0 gm
 Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acid  2.3 gm
 Saturated Fat  61.oo g
 Cholesterol  200 mg
 Vitamin-A  750 mcg

Shelf Life = Before with in 6 months from packing when stored in Cool and Dry place. Product Application = Spread Paratha & Roti etc. Ideal for Cooking,Garnising,making sweets.