Shivneri Shrikhand

Shivneri is semi soft,sweetish-sour,whole milk product prepared from lactic fermented curd. The curd i.e. Dahi is partially strained through a muslin cloth to remove the whey and thus produce a solid mass called Chakka which is the basic ingredients for shrikhand. It is mixed with required amount of sugar and dry fruits to yield the shrikhand. Shivneri Shrikhand is famous for its smooth texture and taste as it is made by traditional method. It contains Fat in range of 5-6%. It is prepared pack under strict hygienic conditions. It is a traditional maharastrian sweet which is served during ceremonies and consumed in Maharashtra. All Flavors' added in one.

Pack 200g,500g,1000g

Nutritional Information

 Per 100ml  Approximate Values
 Energy  250.0 K cal
 Fat  5.0gm
 Cholesterol  9.0gm
 Protein  5.1gm
 Carbohydrates  46.0gm
 Sugar  41.5gm
 Calcium  70mg

Shelf Life = 3 months when stored below -100C Product Application = Maharatrian Sweets,Ceremonies & Festivals by Puris.